Best Pocket Knives

5 Best EDC Pocket Knives

You know how important a pocket knife is to your everyday carry rotation arsenal. Having knives on you to open packages, slice a bit of that apple to munch on or cut some rope is handy. Just reach into your pocket and pull out the trusty edc knife.

Below are some recommendations for the best edc pocket knives that we sell with specs and details.

Spyderco Para 3 EDC everyday carry knife

The Syderco Para 3 is one of the most recognizeable and popular everyday carry pocket knives there is. The Para 3 has a shorter blade length compared to it's bigger brother the Paramilitary 2 which makes it a bit more pocketable.

  • 3" S30V Blade
  • 7.27" Overall Length
  • 3.4 oz
  • G10 Handles
  • Spydie Hole Deployment
  • Compression Lock
  • Made in USA

SOG Aegis EDC everyday carry folding knife

The SOG Aegis is an everday carry workaholic. The assisted opening blade with lock makes this blade come out really fast. Secure lockup and D2 blade steel make this a premium feeling knife.

  • 3.1" D2 Blade
  • 8.14" Overall Length
  • 5.15 oz
  • GRN Handle
  • Spring Assist w/Thumb Stud Deployment
  • AT-XR Lock

Kershaw Natrix EDC everyday carry knife

The Kershaw Natrix line is very popular. The Natrix mini copper has a 2.75" premium D2 blade, while the XL version has a 3.75 8CR13MOV blade.

      Natrix Mini
    • 2.75" Blade Length
    • 6.5" Overall Length
    • 3.7 oz
    • Copper Handles
    • Flipper Deployment
    • Frame Lock
      Natrix XL
    • 3.75" Blade Length
    • 8.75" Overall Length
    • 4.1 OZ
    • G10 Handles
    • Flipper Deployment
    • Frame Lock

CRKT Pilar EDC everyday carry knife

The CRKT Pilar is a chunky, rugged strong knife. If you need to pry open a paint can, this is the knife to do it. The Pilar pocket knife has a 0.145" blade thickness that helps with the prying tasks.

  • 2.4" 8Cr13MoV Blade
  • 5.9" Overall Length
  • 4.2 oz
  • Stainless Steel Handle
  • Thumb Slot Deployment
  • Frame Lock

Kershaw Launch EDC everyday carry automatic knife

The Kershaw Launch 4 is a small automatic knife with a speedy deployment. An under 2" blade makes this legal in more places (check your local laws before oredering).

  • 1.9" CPM-154 Blade
  • 5.10" Overall Length
  • 1.98 oz
  • Aluminum Handle
  • Automatic Push Button Deployment
  • Plunge Lock Type