Coghlans Trek 3 III First Aid Kit

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Coghlan's Trek 3 First Aid Kit: The Complete First Aid Kit for Backcountry Hikers, Family Campers, and Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Coghlan's Trek 3 First Aid Kit is the perfect first aid kit for backcountry hikers, family campers, and outdoor enthusiasts. It is compact and lightweight, yet it contains everything you need to treat common injuries and illnesses in the outdoors.

The kit includes:

  • Instant Guide to First Aid: A quick reference guide to basic first aid procedures
  • 1-Cohesive Gauze 1" x 10 Yards: For dressing wounds
  • 8-Gauze Pads 3" x 3": For absorbing blood and fluids
  • 4-Butterfly Closures: For closing small cuts
  • 12-Fabric Bandages 1" x 3": For small wounds
  • 4-Fabric Knuckle Bandages: For protecting injured knuckles
  • 4-Povidone - Iodine Pads: For disinfecting wounds
  • 6-Antiseptic Towelettes: For cleaning wounds
  • 1-Needle: For removing splinters
  • 1-Moleskin 2" x 3": For treating blisters
  • 10-Mini-Strips: For closing cuts
  • 1-Combine Dressing: For covering large wounds
  • 1-Triangular Bandage: For splinting injuries
  • 2-Safety Pins: For securing bandages
  • 1-Roll Tape 1/2" x 2 1/2" yards: For securing bandages and splints
  • 1-Pair Latex Gloves: For protecting your hands from infection
  • 1-Eye Pad: For protecting injured eyes
  • 2-Pill Vials 6 Dram: For storing medication

The Coghlan's Trek 3 First Aid Kit is packed in a durable, zippered nylon soft pack with compartments for each item. This makes it easy to find the supplies you need quickly and easily.

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