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Outdoor Stockroom carries a wide variety of KeyBars to help you keep your various keys safe, organized and easily accessible. Perfect for your house keys and any other keys that you need to carry, our products are compact and can be brought with you everywhere you go! Great for daily use or to take on your next outdoor adventure, we offer these key holders so that our customers never have to worry about losing their keys when they are out on a climb, hiking or while camping. The high grade, durable construction of the Key Bar ensures that your keys are always protected no matter where you are. Perfect for people that are constantly on the go, the Keybars can either fit in your pocket or conveniently clip to the inside of your pack for easy access. Coming in a range of different styles and materials, you can choose the keybar that represents your personal style!

Copper Keybar
This Keybar offers a vintage copper finish that both looks great and keeps your keys safe everywhere you go! Built from premium grade copper and offering a durable pocket clip, this is the perfect way to have all the keys you need in one place while adding some style to your outdoor adventure.

Brass Keybar
Crafted out of solid brass for a retro industrial look, this Keybar provides a touch of classic style when keeping your keys organized. It's strong construction and durable material means that you can take your keys anywhere without worrying about them being damaged or lost.

Titanium Keybar
The sleek, modern titanium design is the perfect fit for anybody that enjoys the fusion of style and durability. Outfitted with a strong pocket clip that ensures the bar will never leave your waist, you can go on your next outdoor adventure without fearing that you will lose your keys, as they will always be protected and organized in this high quality Keybar.

Laser Engraved Keybar
If you want to proudly display your love for this great nation, the American Flag model is the Keybar for you! Offering a magnificent carbon fiber scale on one side and "Made in the USA" with an engraved American flag on the other, this Keybar keeps your keys organized while letting everybody know your patriotic feelings. It's high quality design and durable belt clip means that your keys will always be safe, no matter what part of this amazing country your outdoor trips take you.  You can also pick from a Molon Labe model with a Spartan helmet and words Molon Labe engraved into it, for all the firearm lovers.

Aluminum Keybar
Constructed to be lightweight without compromising toughness, this specially crafted aluminum key holder is designed to survive even the toughest outdoor adventures. Including a convenient belt clip and durable construction, this key organizer ensures that you can fit numerous keys for easy access, while making space for any additional tools you would like to add.