Our thoughts on free shipping

Here is why free shipping is an illusion. Free shipping all the time is a rip off to our customers. News flash, free shipping isn't free at all. The cost of shipping is rolled into the price of the product. Here's an example. We are selling emergency ponchos for $1.09. Shipping on this product is $2.99. In order to offer free shipping, the price would be $4.08. That ranks pretty well in Google shopping as a total price. Where we set ourselves apart is when you order multiple quantities. With the poncho example, if you order 3 ponchos at $1.09 each, shipping will still be $2.99. With a total cost of $6.26. With the free shipping model, the price would be $12.24. With a savings of $5.98, can you see how that is a rip off for you? When we offer free shipping, it will be a true, out of our pocket free shipping....over a certain price of course. Please follow us on social media also, links below. You never know what kind of shenanigans are going on over there.

The time has come. We see the value in offering free shipping. So for the foreseeable future, we will be offering free shipping on orders over $50. We didn't hike our prices up to compensate. Our prices are the same now as they were from day 1. Enjoy