What Is Everyday Carry?

Everyday carry, or EDC, is a term for products that you should carry with you at all times. Pretty simple, right? Everyone has an EDC, whether it is a wallet, phone,pocket knife or purse. Not many people have much more than that though.

Everyday carry can be a few items that can be held in your pockets, or a lot of stuff in a bag. The whole purpose of this though is to have it with you at all times. If it is not close to you, you might as well not have it.The Red Cross even suggests you have a multi tool and flashlight.

3 Types Of Carry

  1. On Body carry
  2. Backpack carry
  3. Vehicle carry

What Should You Have?

At the very least, I believe that everyone should have a flashlight, knife and a multitool on them at all times, in addition to their phone and wallet. These 3 items will cover you for a lot of bad situations. Luckily most multi tools have a knife in them so you can get away with just a light and a multitool. This is a good foundation to build from also.

EDC Lifestyle

This lifestyle is embraced by many like minded people that have the same desire to be prepared. There are many levels of being prepared and everyone has their own take on it. Some people think a minimalist carry is best, some think 20 lbs of gear in their pockets is the only way to go. There is no right answer, but everyone can agree that you should have something. Something is better than nothing.

Wrap Up

Whether you pick a lightweight EDC setup, or a heavier, more capable configuration, JUST PICK SOMETHING AND CARRY IT. Nothing sucks more than saying “I could fix that if I had my multi tool.”

Happy Carrying

Everyday Carry EDC Outdoor Stockroom

May 24th 2018 Jason

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