Types Of Everyday Carry - On Body Carry

On body carry is the most important type of carry. What you have on you in most cases is what will save your life.

If your going to start with a flashlight and a multitool, you need to decide what size. There are small and large sizes of both. Even the smaller counterparts are very capable nowadays compared to 10-15 years ago.

Micro Carry

Micro carry is for the person that doesn’t want to be bogged down with a lot of weight from gear, but still be capable. Usually this includes the smallest, lightest tools that is usually just a little less capable.

The Olight S1 Mini flashlight is a great choice. It is about the size of my thumb, so it’s very compact. It has a 2 way pocket clip that can be clipped to a hat visor for a makeshift headlamp. There is a magnet on the tail end to secure to something steel. It’s plenty bright with 600 lumens of output and comes with a rechargeable battery. You can’t go wrong with this light for any size EDC.

The SOG PowerPint is a great NEW small multitool from SOG. This multitool maker is doing great things in the multitool world. They have added features that no one else has thought of, even in their smaller multitools. The PowerPint has compound leverage in the plier head which means twice as much cutting or gripping force. All the tools are accessible when the tool is folded shut which other brands are still not doing.

This carry option is great if you don’t want to get weighed down with a lot of stuff, yet still have some good capability. The multitool has a small knife in it so that base is covered.

Medium Carry

Medium carry has a little more weight to it, but it is more capable with a heavier multitool and larger light. This would be a good option if you have pants or shorts with cargo pockets.

The Klarus XT1C flashlight is a good option for medium carry because of it’s size and capability, with 700 lumens, one touch high and one touch strobe. Modes can be changed to suit your needs.

The SOG PowerAccess Deluxe is a full size multitool with full size potential. This is also a NEW multitool that just came to market a short time ago. The bigger brother to the regular PowerAccess, the Deluxe model has a few extra tools. All the tools are accessible when the tool is folded, which is the way it should be. Included in the package is a nylon sheath and a 12 piece bit kit that can be used in the centered bit driver spot in the plier head.

Office Carry

Office carry is where you want your tools to blend in with an office setting. This can be in a cubical environment or in an office dealing with customers. They are made to be visible, but unnoticeable that they are tools.

The SOG Baton Q2 is unique in this segment. It has the looks of a permanent marker, but the function of a knife, flashlight and screwdriver in one convenient package. This tool is sure not to stand out in a crowd.

With the unique abilities of the Baton Q2, all that is needed now is a pliers based multitool. May I suggest the SOG SwitchPlier 2.0. The fun with this multitool is the deployment. Push a button on the side and out come the plier head like a switchblade knife. The head is spring loaded for gripping too so no need to hold the pliers awkwardly to open the pliers back up.

Hidden Carry

Hidden carry is pretty simple, to have tools on your person without anyone noticing you have them. This is harder but still doable. Some people don’t want to be pegged as a EDCer or they don’t have the pocket room for all the tools required to be ready. That is fine, we have a few products for this too.

The SOG Sync 1 or Sync 2 is a perfect multitool for this. They are belt buckles with an assortment of tools with a quick release that doesn’t require taking your belt off to use. These multitools get removed from the buckles itself so they don’t loosen your belt at all.

The only difference between these 2 tools are the size. The Sync 1 is the smaller one designed for 1 ⅜” belts and the Sync 2 is designed for a 1 ¾” belt. The only difference is that the Sync 2 has locking tools, an awl, scissors and phillips bit while they both have a knife blade, file and screwdrivers. Pretty minimal as far as multitools go but also hidden in plain sight.

The flashlight for hidden carry is something that needs to hide in plain sight. The Klarus MI7 flashlight is the perfect flashlight for this. It’s small, hides well and powerful with just a AA battery. 700 lumens is more than enough to go to the basement and check the breakers if one pops. This is a great flashlight that hides in your pants pocket and just disappears.

High End Carry

High end carry is for the men and women that are show offs. They need the best of everything and everyday carry is no exception. Cost is usually not considered because they spare no expense.

The SOG PowerAssist is the ultimate carry multitool. This is a heavy duty full size tool that comes in satin or black with an included sheath. The name PowerAssist has a special meaning also. This multitool also has not 1, but 2 assisted opening blades accessible while the blades are closed. The blades are on each side of the tool, 1 being a straight blade and the other being a fully serrated blade.

The Olight S2R II flashlight is the ultimate high end everyday carry flashlight. Over 1000 lumens of light, 3200 mAh 18650 battery and magnetic charging make this the ultimate everyday carry flashlight. If this is too long, then the Olight S1R II is for you. The only compromise with the little brother is the lumens at 900.


No matter what everyday carry system you go with, you will be very well taken care of. The choices above are a good starting point that you can add to.

Do you hate the jingle from all the keys in your pocket? Grab yourself a premium key organizer from KeyBar. Another made in America product warranted for life. Holding upto as many keys you want with the right length screws, you can keep the noise down. The KeyBar also has a pocket clip and you can get it made from a variety of metals like copper, titanium, aluminum.

Most multitools have a knife and some tools have a really good knife (PowerAssist above). If your one that likes a separate knife, we have you covered there as well. Carrying popular models from SOG and Spyderco, we can get you what you need. Popular from Spyderco is the Paramilitaty 2 (PM2) (black or satin blade) or the little brother Para 3. If you want a more budget friendly knife, try the SOG Flash or maybe even the Kiku small folder.

Another great addition is a paracord bracelet. We offer 4 different colors and feature 7.5' of paracord in a neat little bracelet.

Check the links above for current pricing and as always free shipping over $50.

May 30th 2018 Jason

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