Olight S2R Baton Everyday Carry Flashlight

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1020 Lumens
  • Olight S2R Baton Flashlight | Outdoor Stockroom
  • Olight S2R Baton Flashlight | Outdoor Stockroom
  • Olight S2R Baton Flashlight | Outdoor Stockroom
  • Olight S2R Baton Flashlight | Outdoor Stockroom
  • Olight S2R Baton Flashlight | Outdoor Stockroom
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When you head out with the boys on a camping trip, looking for an everyday carry flashlight, or you're looking for something that you can put in your car for when you need an extra light, you're going to be looking for a series of characteristics that will help you make the right choice in terms of quality and reliability. Luckily for you, whatever your list is, this Olight 18650 battery powered flashlight is going to take care of all of those needs without even breaking a sweat.

The Olight S2R is a newer version of the Olight S2, but this one offers rechargeable batteries that will help you do your part to make sure that you are working hand in hand with reducing your waste of dangerous materials. That being said, you'll be able to have all modern conveniences that you're looking for in a long life battery and a custom made quick charging magnetic cord that will allow you to have your flashlight on hand and ready to help you out at all times.

It offers up to 1020 lumens so that before long the Olight S2R Baton 2 flashlight is going to be your go-to device whenever you're in need of one. Slim and comfortable in the hand, it'll deliver all that you're looking for in modern necessity.


  • IPX 8 Waterproof
  • Weight 3.58 oz
  • Length 4.13"
  • Head diameter .90"
  • Body diameter .84"
  • Beam Distance (ft) 502
  • Beam Distance (m) 153
  • Max. Performance (lumens) 1020
  • Charge type Magnetic USB charge base
  • Compatible Batteries customized 18650
  • Light Intensity (candela) 5800
  • Light Form Wide/broad hot spot Perfect for up close illumination
  • Lens / Reflector Type TIR reflector (big, defined wide hot spot)
  • Mode Operation Side Switch
  • Narrow diameter perfect for pocket/discrete belt carry while still allowing for a high run time 18650 battery
  • No roll design with distinct angles
  • Magnetic charging offering the easiest way to charge your light on the market


  • Cree XM-L2 LED
  • Includes a 3200mAh 18650 rechargeable lithium battery
  • The flashlight can be charged through the magnetic contact charging port (other batteries may also be used in S2R, but cannot be charged)
  • New 750mA portable USB charging cable
  • Compatible with new OLIGHT desktop USB charging dock (optional accessory)
  • Flat tail cap with strong magnet that allows it to be secured to ferrous metal surfaces as a hands-free work light
  • Pouch included for better storage and organization of cables and the flashlight lockout mode can be activated on the side switch for accidental triggering protection, along with a low-voltage indicator underneath
  • Quick access to turbo mode: Simply double click the side switch to enter.
  • Reverse polarity protection circuits
  • Timer Setting: Short (3 minutes) and long (9 minutes)
  • The standby current is below 10uA

Lighting Levels/ Run Time

  • Level 1 1020 Lumens for 2m then thermally ramped down to 500 Lumens. Run-time 3h 10m
  • Level 2 500 Lumens Run-time 3h 20m
  • Level 3 120 Lumens Run-time 13h
  • Level 4 12 Lumens Run-time 120h
  • Level 5 .5 Lumens Run-time 60d

Included Accessories

  • Lanyard Pouch
  • MCC Magnetic Charging Cable
  • Customized 3200mAh 3.6V 18650 battery
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